Episode 20

Published on:

12th Aug 2020

Badass Asian Dudes Always Find A Third Option (ft. Calvin D. Sun From Monsoon Diaries)

Seibo, Victor, and Brandon talk with Calvin D. Sun, ER doctor in NYC and entrepreneur about how he balanced med school and being an ER doctor all while traveling to over 170 countries and starting his own company.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • How Calvin developed emotional resiliency growing up
  • How Calvin rebelled against becoming a doctor, then became one anyway
  • Using journaling to deal with emotions as a shy, emotional kid
  • Asian American men also desire self-expression, but don't have the tools or language
  • Subconscious beliefs and behaviors also get passed down through generations of DNA
  • How one girl changed everything for him
  • Traveling alone developed emotional intelligence and love for himself
  • Life is not a journey or destination, it's a dance
  • Calvin was not a great student, but got into med school for his ability to be with people and to LIVE
  • There's always a third option
  • His happiness came from being able to create his life his own way

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