Episode 25

Published on:

16th Sep 2020

Badass Asian Dudes Don't Exchange Their Truth For Membership (ft. John Kim, The Angry Therapist)

Victor, Nick, and Brandon talk with John Kim, aka the Angry Therapist, founder of JRNI Coaching, and author of “I Used To Be A Miserable F*ck.”

In this episode, we talked about:

  • 03:32 John's transition away from therapy and into coaching
  • 09:20 Most Asian parents don't know what emotional intelligence is
  • 11:10 What is it going to take for Asian men to get representation in media?
  • 17:51 How men can find their own badass-ery
  • 23:18 Living in the "through me" stage with psychedelics
  • 29:49 How Crossfit was a catalyst for John's emotional transformation
  • 34:09 John started it all by posting "My F***king Feelings"
  • 40:10 The grandfather of relaying profound concepts to the masses, Bruce Lee
  • 42:32 Being a badass means not exchanging your truth for membership

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