Episode 31

Published on:

28th Oct 2020

Badass Asian Dudes Integrate Their Values Into Their Lifestyle (ft. Kent Yoshimura from Neuro)

Michael and Brandon talk with Kent Yoshimura, co-founder of Neuro, a company promoting a lifestyle of getting in the right mental state, by selling nootropic consumables like mints and gum. Kent is also a freelance mural artist and a martial artist.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • 03:04 How humility is embedded in Asian culture, but a level of internalized confidence is needed to approach life
  • 04:46 How athletics shaped his life and led to his refocus on mental state
  • 07:28 Why that focus on mental state lead to starting Neuro
  • 10:56 The story and struggles of starting Neuro
  • 18:58 How personal sacrifices earlier in life lead to realizing balance and relationships with others is really important
  • 21:12 How darkness in his life lead to art, and Bruce Lee as an icon
  • 24:12 Reemphasizing that personal sacrifices and struggles made him realize the importance of balance
  • 29:46 His co-founder Ryan’s indefatigable personality and how that brings positivity to his life and the company
  • 38:41 Reading and his love of the outdoors

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