Episode 40

Published on:

9th Mar 2022

Badass Asian Dudes Maintain Humility Without Yielding To It (ft. Nish Bhat, serial entrepreneur and investor in BioTech)

In this episode, we have Nishant Bhat, serial entrepreneur who co-founded Color Genomics, which is valued at over $4.6 billion, and BioTech investor, having launched the SciFounder Fellowship to invest in budding BioTech companies. We talk about Nish's journey, from having grown up with East Asian and Indian culture, to his career successes, to his transition to providing opportunities and guidance to budding scientist-entrepreneurs. This is all the while maintaining humility and appreciation for the people and environment that made him the way his is, without yielding it to it by losing drive. Beyond that, Nish is also a passionate diver, foodie, and chef.

You can reach out to Nish on LinkedIn.


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