Episode 23

Published on:

2nd Sep 2020

Badass Asian Dudes Persevere With The Hacker Mindset (ft. Jason Wang From Caviar)

Michael, Victor, Seibo, and Nick talk with Jason Wang, co-founder of Caviar, which was acquired by Square, co-franchisee owner of Halal Guys, and venture capital investor with a focus on technology and food. He's also a food and travel extraordinaire, having travelled non-stop for the past 4 years.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Jason's entrepreneurial story started with ad clicks on anime websites
  • Dealing with instability starting up Caviar
  • Dealing with discomfort of having friends drop out of stable careers to start a business
  • How Jason and his founders adopted the mentality, "If you never quit, you never fail."
  • How it's important to have other people to support you through hard times

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