Episode 34

Published on:

25th Nov 2020

Badass Asian Dudes Show Up For Their Mind, Body, And Spirit (ft. JT Tsui, founder of Win Each Day)

Nick & Victor sit down with JT Tsui where they discuss his journey from developing himself and others in the physical realm and then taking the same attitude to develop people's mental health and spiritual well-being.

In this episode, we talked about:

[02:29] What is a Badass Asian Dude to JT

[03:47] JT's background in physical education allowed him to develop students into full-fledged athletes. However, becoming a competitive athlete is as much of a mental game as it is a physical one.Time in education allowed JT to embrace self-development creating a to shift towards mental health and spiritual well-being

[08:34] As much as the athlete's mindset and discipline can help with succeeding with long term goals, it is using this example JT warns of the duality of character traits. While the athletic mindset can be leveraged to great effect to improve yourself and overcome obstacles, it also leaves you to be unable to turn off where it removes you from other important activities such as being fully present with family and friends.

[09:30] Deep self-reflection is what JT credits to sparking the change in his behaviours, believing self-reflection is the key to gathering awareness of who you are. With genuine introspection it allows one to prioritise their values and focus more energy into creating more time with what is important to the individual. 

Consequently, introspection and defining your vision will allow you the power to take ownership of your values and sense of self, which in turns leads to more deliberate action in your own life.

[13:35] JT comments that prioritising, permitting yourself to take breaks, and time management is essential to begin the process of self-reflection and taking ownership in your life. Warnings of allowing time for growth and not being so fixated on the time duration is the key to long term commitment of this journey. 

Furthermore, being objective with yourself and examining yourself without judgement will enable you to explore suppressed emotions and experiences, as well as thoroughly reflect on how developed behaviours may have been influenced by others. Only after reconciling what can be extremely difficult emotions and experiences can we begin to take the next steps towards developing better mental and spiritual well-being.

[19:52] Challenging how we think, act and behave and creating permanent changes can be extremely troublesome, however, JT believes one of the most important aspects is the need to create your vision and then use your vision as your guiding North Star. 

Listeners should take particular note where Victor comments that the journey does not have to be an independent one and can be undertaken with others where you can find support, as well as further opportunities to explore and reflect. It is common knowledge that Asian culture and its influence can create obstacles to pursuing your path, where these flawed beliefs can take form in the way of generational parental conditioning. 

So it is important to do as Bruce Lee once said and use these teachable moments to take the good and leave the bad to better develop the future generations. As a father, JT uses everyday moments with his children to create better conversations, engagement, and opportunities to take ownership of their own lives.

[32:44] The Next Generation. In this section, JT talks about the need and benefits of guiding children and young adults to develop strategies to take more ownership in their lives. With mindfulness being the first step to developing the necessary self-awareness to develop further positive habits and momentum. On the other hand, JT also expands upon the organisational and political barriers to developing mental wellness in educational institutions.

[39:17] As the three discuss the benefits of positive momentum, JT points out that a positive mindset and attitude about oneself is key before the positive momentum can start permeating the areas in life that you want to work towards.

[44:35] In closing JT re-emphasises the need to create easily manageable steps and limiting your focus on particular areas before moving onto the next. But alongside these methods, JT reaffirms the need to have the discipline to commit to these long term changes which can be incremental and slow.


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