Episode 17

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1st Jul 2019

How This Dude Went From Building A Luxury Footwear Brand To Luxury Villas In Europe With Victor Hsu

This week’s interview is with Victor Hsu. Victor is the founder and designer of Facto Shoes, a luxury men’s footwear brand handmade in Europe. Victor is a top contender for my personal “Most Interesting Man in the World” and if you follow him on instagram @VictoHsu, you’ll soon see why. Seems like the guy is always traveling to interesting places, eating at the best places, and having the most fun.

After graduating from NYU, he worked in the fashion industry in NYC as a buyer moving overseas to Tokyo and launching his own footwear brand. Teaming up with the factory in Italy that produced some of the world’s most famous and expensive shoe brands, he built a premium quality brand at a more accessible price point sold in department stores like Saks and Bergdorf Goodman.

His travels to Europe for his shoe brand had him traveling to Portugal frequently where his second act began…building luxury villas.

Victor had been dabbling in real estate investing during his times in New York and Tokyo. While living in these cities, he found that he had an eye and passion for real estate. These lessons from brand and real estate investing took him to a little known area of Portugal called Vila Nova de Gaia.

Falling in love with Vila Nova de Gaia and seeing a big future for the area, Victor started developing his own home there. He now helps and facilitates other international investors who want to build their own villa. Interested in being his neighbor?

We get into his whole entrepreneurship journey in this interview and i think you guys will really enjoy it. this conversation is like listening and learning from your wise older brother who’s just done a lot of cool shit all over the world.

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