Episode 13

Published on:

1st Jul 2019

Talking To Happy Asian Males With Seibo Shen And Brandon Chien

Yo dudes. What’s good? New episode of Badass Asian Dudes with Seibo Shen and Brandon Chien. 

This week i had the opportunity to chat with Seibo Shen and Brandon Chien of the Happy Asian Males Podcast.

Two super interesting, insightful dudes with a lot of knowledge to share. They have a podcast that you guys should check out called Happy Asian Males where they talk about all sorts of stuff like business, psychedelics, fitness, mental health, and a lot more. All stuff that I’m super interested in as well.

Seibo and Brandon are also both entrepreneurs. Seibo is in the cannabis industry and he designed his own vaporizer. Check out his company VapeExhale.com.

Brandon teaches self-development through olympic style weightlifting. Really interesting stuff. Check him out at TheArtofSelfAlignment.com.

My conversation with these guys was quite eye-opening and i learned a ton. I loved getting to know these guys and I’m sure you will too. We talk about a whole bunch of different topics and you’ll get to hear more about what they do and how they get started as well.

Some things we talk about:

  • our entrepreneurship stories (including mine)
  • psychedelics
  • asian masculinity
  • feeling fulfilled in your life
  • and a lot more

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On this podcast, we challenge our guests to get real. We talk to Asian male-identifying entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders, therapists/coaches, entertainers, experts, researchers, etc. about how they managed their internal experience and external obstacles to get to where they are today. So you can have everything you need to truly live a badass life from within.